Balaji Hanuman Temple Mehandipur Rajasthan India

Rajasthan’s Dausa district, which is nestled between two mountains is a place called Mehandipur. It has a very large rock in the shape of Hanuman that had recovered itself. It is believed to be Sri Hanuman. There is a small water pond in the idol’s feet whose water never gets over. 

This shrine has three deities who are worshipped: Balaji (Lord Hanuman), Pret Raj (The King of spirits), Bhairav. The idol inside which is over more than 1000 years old was never created by an artist, it is believed to have self appeared. But, the temple around it was built in the 20th century. Legend says that this temple was bestowed with divine powers to cure people possessed with evil spirits and contained by black magic.
It has been often shared by those who visited the shrine that they get some sort of hurdles on their way, as if a sign of warning.
Once you reach the village, you will for a brief time sense cold chills, despite the place being at the center of warmest area. With the normal life taking its course in the most usual ways, you will find a total change of worlds once you step inside the temple. And, let me tell you it’s not easy to walk inside.
Imagine fighting with thousands other to stand in queue and that too at 3:30 am. Yes! It seems that the village never sleeps, even people at the local shops around the temple, work in shifts. Despite standing in queues for long hours, at the break of dawn, somehow everything goes for a toss.
The crowd will push you, some would even try walking over you. Standing there you not only have to fight for space, but for your life. Each morning, there is a fear of stampede and security seems to be unaffected by the chaos loosely work to make things better.
Many fearing for their lives and well-being, even drop the plan to enter the temple amid such tsunami of humans and opt for darshans from the outside. And, those who brave their way until the entrance of temple are greeted with herds of Prasad sellers, guides offering VIP route, etc. Unlike, other religious shrines in India, here, you will get black-coloured balls as Prasad; no flowers. These balls are strictly prohibited from being consumed; they are supposed to be thrown in the fire inside temple.
The first two hall are of Lord Bhairav, and Hanuman, where we are supposed to throw the black balls into the ceremonial fire, only after taking it over your entire body five times. After this, you seek blessings of Lord Hanuman who relives you off any graha dashas or sankat.
Next, you are taken into the third chamber (if not willingly, then by the force of people pushing you from back), and there is where the fear grips your body.
By now, those who have no courage left leave from a small exit just before the fourth hall. While my parents left right after the third hall, my brother and I went ahead for the fourth chamber. And, it was there when I recalled one of my parents saying, “Jab bade kuch mana karte hai to wo humare bhale ke liye hi hota hai.” You would probably agree too.
Moment you are out, you pray never to be going back again especially for the reasons many having being staying inside. Following the strict protocol, to not look back, we went straight out to where other devotees were gathered. Once out, you are advised to immediately leave the area or the village without consuming anything not even water.
It is believed once you step out, there is always an evil spirit waiting to cling, and those who look back fall prey.
Mehandipur Balaji temple Rajasthan
Mehandipur Balaji : There is millions of Hanuman temples in India. Every temple is overflowing crowd of worshipers, Dausa district of Rajasthan Balaji Menhdipur deficit is different. Menhdipur Balaji divine power to rid evil spirits inspired by Hanuman temple is considered very powerful. Several people chained and can be seen hanging upside. 
The temple and its miracle might be surprised by. Balaji Aarti in the evening when people are suffering from the Bhut pret is seen struggling.
Rajasthan’s Dausa district, nestled between two hills is a place called Mehandipur. The temple, about 65 km from Jaipur on Jaipur-Bandikui- bus route away. Located in the valley between two hills, the deficit Mehandipur called it. 
According to the Gita Press, Gorakhpur Hanuman temple gate published about 1 thousand years old. Here is a very large rock in the shape of Lord Hanuman himself had emerged. It is believed the pattern of the Lord Hanuman. 
These steps are small basin whose waters never run. The Hanuman temple and the deity is believed to be quite powerful and wondrous and why this place is famous not only in Rajasthan but in the whole country.
Shackled in chains are brought suffering
It is said that many years ago Phantom king Hanuman and the Aravalli mountain appeared. Get rid of evil spirits and diseases suffered by black magic is visited. 
The temple is regarded as the only way of salvation from these pains. Several treatments to get rid of these Rogonn temple priest explains. 
Saturday and Tuesday has reached millions of devotees who come here. Tied with iron chains of many serious patients are brought to the temple. 
The people affected by the spirit of the common people are trembling. They shout in front of the temple, sitting in his show about evil spirits, in which they have nothing to do remotely. Ghost phantom upper keeps putting obstacles Niwarnarth the influx of visitors. People without such medication and a healthy return and enchantments.

Emperors had tried to destroy the idol of Lord Hanuman in Mehandipur Balaji Temple

It is said that some Muslim regime emperors attempted to destroy the statue. Each time they were unable king. As deep as the root of the statue as it became Khudwate. It had to leave their Kupryas tired defeat. 
During the British rule in 1910, Balaji Chola automatically abandoned its hundreds of years old. The devotees put on the nearest railway station Mandawar arrived, where they were to be put on flowing into the river. 
British station master and his luggage was prevented from taking free to put on that, but never mind miraculous Chola and never let the mind becomes much reduced. 
Finally put on the luggage without having confused the station master had to go and he saluted the wonders of Balaji. Balaji was then plated on a new architecture. Deepyaman a new light once again been put on the new.  
Apart from the government and Mr. Maharaj Shri Balaji Pretraj Kotwal captain (Bhairav) of the sculpture. Pretraj government positions, while the magistrate’s office Bhairav ​​G Kotwal. On arrival ghosts and how it learns that humans are upset. 
The pantheon of deities in the temple offerings came three miserable person has a pedestal. Balaji Pretraj sweet rice to the government and Kotwal captain (Bhairav) Offerings are made to the lentils. 
The offerings of the patient are used to feed two pies. The remaining offerings animal is put birds. It is said that the messenger of the gods in the form of birds and animals are assumed to have the same offerings.
Some people hear of Balaji Cank fall. He believes that there should be only those with Bhutpretadi obstacles. It is not right. No one – which is having reverentially to Balaji, can worship of three gods. Balaji so many devotees from India and abroad to come to the court only regular offerings.
Prasad takes account of the people who suffer the swing
Account offerings sweet swing looks very patient person. Ghost Pretadi itself takes in her body crying out. Sometimes he brings his head Dhunta ever rolled around on the ground. 
People who are suffering itself is not possible for a common man. Such processes have come to the shelter after he Balaji fur him always gets rid of such problems. In the morning and evening chef Balaji temple is revered almost four hours.
Balaji temple magistrate positions in government are Pretraj. Pretraj government’s war on the Cholas are plated. Pretraj government smiting demons are worshiped as gods. Reverentially their Aarti, Chalisa, kirtan, bhajan, etc. are made. Supporting the Balaji deity is worshiped as Pretraj government. 
Pretraj enjoyment of cooked rice is put to the government. Devotees often take enjoyment of the three gods Ldduon Bundi.
Shree Bhairav ​​Dev Kotwal captain incarnation of Lord Shiva and worshiped by some devotees like him are also very pleased. Bhairav ​​are Quadrangular chef. 
Trident in his hands, and on cornets, Khapar and chopped fifth head of Brahma is the Creator. They not Bagambr waist, wear red clothes. They wrap consumed. The aroma of jasmine with their idols are plated Chola dissolved in sesame oil vermilion.
Arts and Folklore Bhairav ​​Dev describes several forms, including as a dozen authentic. Mr Hair and Mr Batuk Bhairav ​​Bhairav, Bhairav ​​Dev’s hair forms. Often these forms of devotees worship Lord Bhairav. Bhairav ​​Dev Balaji Maharaj’s army are Kotwal. Kotwal captain called them. 
Balaji temple in the hymns, chants, prayers and reverence Hanuman Chalisa sung. As offering the enjoyment of urad dal vada and sweet is levied. But devotees have ascended to the Bundi builder. Balaji general practitioner services are better able to take off Bhutpretadi-worship. Balaji assist him in this task. His worshipers are a messenger who lives with him towards continual.
Mehendipur Balaji Hanuman Temple

How to reach Mehandipur Balaji Temple Rajasthan

The Mehandipur Balaji temple is situated at Dausa District state of Rajasthan. Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji Templedistance is 270 Km. Mehandipur Balaji Temple is 99Km away from Jaipur. 
Mehandipur Balaji Temple is located 3 km towards on the right side of the Jaipur – Agra National Highway.
Air- Delhi, Jaipur, Agra are well connected with Air. The rest of the journey is to be performed by car, bus, or rail & bus.
Rail- Agra, Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur and Dausa are well connected with train route from where bus service is available for Mehandipur Balaji Temple.
Road- The Mehandipur Balaji Temple is well connected with above cited stations There is very frequent service of buses on Agra Jaipur highway. The journey can be performed by car from Delhi either via Alwar-Mahwa or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa.
India is a country of temples. A millions billions temples are situated  in India. Rajasthan is called a devbhumi – dwelling of the gods. There are many temples like lod hanuman ji, Pahad wale baba, Satimata, Salasar balaji, Pushkar Dham, khatu shyam ji temple, kela devi temple, Shitala Karni mata temple, mahavirji temple, ranthambore temple, Ganeshji temple, Shiva temple, Kali Mata mandir    and many other. But One of the famous temple is Mehandipur Balaji Temple.

Best Time to Visit Shri Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Shri Mehandipur Balaji temple is mostly visited during festival time (Holi, Hanuman Jayanti and Dusshera etc) as the most it is believed to be the most auspicious time to emancipate from the evil spirit. Medical science may discard such approach to the ailment as self- deceptions based on blind faith, but for the believers.

How to Reach Mehandipur Balaji Temple by train

Shri Mehandipur Balai temple is located in Dausa district of Rajasthan on the Jaipur Agra highway. It is 270 km from Delhi and 100 km from Jaipur. There are regular buses on Jaipur-Agra highway. From Delhi, the journey can be done on Alwar-Mahwa or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa road. Bandikui Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Mehandipur Balaji Temple.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple Timings  

9.00 pm in summer and up to 8.00 pm in winter

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