Mayureshwar Temple  Morgaon 

The god “Mayureshwar” inside the temple is extremely alluring. It is in sitting stance, confronting east with the storage compartment turning left and semeared with vermillion blended in oil.
In its eyes and navel, jewels are inserted. On its head is the hood of Nagaraja. On left and right are metal icons of Siddhi and Buddhi. Before the symbol are the Mooshaka (Rat) and Mayura (Peacock).
On doing Abhishek on ‘Mayureshwar’all wishes are satisfied. The first icon of Mayureshwar Temple was little in size. The same number of layers of vermillion are connected on it, it looks greater.
Here and there following 100 and 125 years this reinforcement of vermillion pushes off and unique lovely symbol inside this protective layer is seen once more.
It has been heard that Mayureshwar’s covering had been pushed off in 1788 and 1822 A.D. The first little icon wasa made up of molecules of sand,iron and precious stones and it is behind the present statue.
It was blessed by God Brahma reconsecrated it twice. Following couple of years pandavas came there for Pilgrimage. They encased the icon in tin sheet, with the goal that no one can attempt to devastate it. 
Mayureshwar Temple
Long time back a Sage named Kashyap had two spouses, Kadru and Vinita. Kadru’s children snakes detained Vinita’s children to be specific Shyen, Sampati and Jatayu.
Vinita was woefully frustrated . Following couple of years Vinita got one more child. In any case, when her child was as egg youthful Ganesh broke that egg and peacock left that egg.
Recently conceived peacock had battle with Ganesh. At long last mother Vinita meddled and peacock consented to be vehicle of Shri Ganesh. However , he laid one condition and said , ” Oh! God my name ought to be proclaimed before your name and you be famous by my name.”
Ganesh concurred and took name Mayuresh for himself. With the assistance of peacock discharged Vinita’s children from detainment. 
Lord Ganesha is a standout amongst the most prevalent images connected with Hinduism. As indicated by legends, Lord Ganesha is the child of Lord Shiva, the destroyer in the Holy Trinity of Gods and Goddess Parvati who is one of the numerous incarnations of Devi Shakti.
Lord Ganesha is said to be worshiped before any puja or party. Truth be told, each custom is inadequate without worshiping the Almighty. While his head speaks to the heavenly Atma of the body, the body means Maya or the natural presence of the individuals.
One will be flabbergasted to realize that the Almighty’s head is accepted to be an embodiment of intelligence and reasonability. 
The storage compartment symbolizes Om, the blessed sound image of the enormous reality. The Lord holds a drive in the upper right hand which helps him to guide individuals onto the interminable way.
It is likewise an image of the evacuation of all obstacles en route. What’s more, the noose on the Lord’s left hand is available to catch and dispose of the considerable number of troubles.
There are numerous Ganesha Temples all around India, yet your trek stays deficient without going by the favorable place of worship of Ganesh Temple at Morgaon Ganpati in Maharashtra
Mayureshwar Temple

Ganapati Mayureshwar Temple Name Origin

Ganapati’s mount (vehicle) was originally the peacock which he later gave to his brother Skanda. The word peacock in Sanskrit is mayura and in Marathi it is mora. Hence this temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is known as Mayureshwar or Moreshwar (Lord of the Peacock)

Ganapati Mayureshwar Temple puja timings

  •  5a.m.: Prakshal Puja (ceremonious bathing of idol)
  •  7a.m.: Shodashopachar Pooja (puja with 16 rituals, including lighting incense, offering  flowers, etc)
  • 12 noon: Shodashopachar Pooja (second time in the day)
  • 8p.m.: Panchopachar Puja (pooja done with 5 items, namely rice, incense, diya, flowers & a sweet or a fruit)
  • 10p.m.: Shej-Aarti (aarti at night, considered to be an offering of sleep to the idol)

How to Reach Ganesh Mayureshwar Temple at Morgaon in Maharashtra

1) State transport transports are accessible from Pune’s swargate transport stop. 
2) On Pune-Solapur parkway 56 kms from Pune, Morgaon lies on the correct side of Chaufula. Morgaon by means of Pune – Hadapsar – Loni – Chaufula – Supa is at a separation of 79 kms. 
3) Another course prompting to Morgaon by means of Hadapsar – Saswad – Jejuri covers 64 kms. 
4) On the best approach to Morgaon have darshan of God Khandoba of Jejuri and then go to Morgon by transport which is at a separation of 15 kms from Jejuri. 
5) On Pune – Solapur railroad line, get down at Neera rail route station and go to Morgaon by transport. 
6) On Pune – Daund railroad line, get down at Kedgaon and go to Morgaon by S.T.


  1. Why is Shri Mayureshwar Temple famous?

    Shri Mayureshwar Temple of Maharashtra is a famous temple of Shri Ganesh. One of the Ashtavinayaks is Sri Mayureshwar temple of Morgaon.

  2. Sri Mayureshwar Temple is the temple of which god?

    Lord Ganesha

  3. How far is Shri Mayureshwar Temple from Pune?

    80 Km

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