Gangotri Temple , Gangotri Village, Gangotri, Uttarakhand, India – गंगोत्री मंदिर

गंगोत्री मंदिर, गंगोत्री ,  उत्तराखंड – Gangotri Temple , Gangotri Village, Gangotri, Uttarakhand, India

A visit to the Gangotri would consist of the beautiful snow-capped mountains, pure springs of water and rocky terrains. A look from top, at the point where the river originates, rarely comprises of any greenery. While, one can visit the temple and get a darshan of the Ganga at the Gangotri itself, it is an altogether divine experience to trek until the Gaumukh and see the glacier. 

Here, the Ganga is called Bhagirathi for mythological and legendary reasons. The climb to the adventurous mountains leaves a mark on every pilgrim’s memory as one of the most beautiful journey of their lives. 

The views are so scenic that it has the ability to restore one’s faith in God, irrespective of the religion they belong to. Being amongst one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Himalayas have bestowed to our country a great treasure of nature.

Gangotri Temple. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand India

Gangotri Temple

One of the four locales among the holiest spots, Char Dham in India, is Gangotri. This hallowed city is situated in the northern part of the condition of Uttarakhand. It is known as the wellspring of River Ganges furthermore the seat of Goddess Ganga. Ducked in the midst of the sprawling Garhwal slopes, Gangotri is a perfect area for every one of the individuals who wish to take a plunge into the seas of godlikeness, and in addition those have a hunger for experience. This makes Gangotri a perfect spot as far as travel and tourism. 

Gangotri likewise has a solid chronicled past and bears the endless feel of times long past. As per fanciful records, King Bhagirath did atonement here, after which, according to Lord Shiva’s desires, River Ganges descended on earth. Be that as it may, to spare the earth from the furious constrain of the waterway, Lord Shiva held her in his locks. 

Hence, waterway Ganges is otherwise called Bhagirathi here. Additionally, it is likewise trusted that Pandavas came down to this place to perform Deva Yajna. 

Accordingly, Gangotri is a huge place from religion perspective. Many enthusiasts throng the place each year keeping in mind the end goal to unleash the privileged insights of most profound sense of being. 

A portion of the primary attractions of Gangotri incorporate Gangotri Temple, which was worked by Gurkha ruler Amar Singh Thapa, around 3000 years back. Another pioneer site here is Jalamagna Shivalinga, which is a characteristic shake Shivalinga submerged in the waterway. 

It is considered to be the place where Lord Shiva held Ganga in his locks. This Shivalinga is just unmistakable in winter months. Other worth going by spots in the region are Gaumukh (wellspring of Ganges), Gaumukh Glacier and Nandanvan. Floating towards the courageous part of Gangotri, it offers various games for the sake of entertainment significant others, for example, stream rafting, trekking and so on. 

In this manner, to appreciate the regular magnificence and religious enthusiasm taking care of business, Gangotri is an unquestionable requirement visit put for all.

Gangotri Temple: Bhagirathi


Major Attractions Other than the temple at Gangotri and the famous dip in the glacier, there are many other places that are worth visiting. Nandanvan and Tapovan can be reached via a trek 6km north from the Gaumukh. From here, one can get an amazing view of the Shivling peak

Kedartal is a beautiful lake that is situated 18km from Gangotri and one can get there by means of trekking. There are no facilities available here one must be completely equipped before proceeding. Bhairon Mandir is another famous temple that can be reached after crossing the Jahanvi River

Uttarkashi is located on the banks of Bhagirathi where the Ekadash Rudra Temple and Kuteti Devi Temple are situated. The best time for a visit here would be in May, June, September, October and November. At all other times there is either heavy rainfall or it is too cold. During the winters, all routes to Gaumukh are closed due to heavy snowfall and blizzards. 

Underwater Shivling

A Shivling made from natural rock is submerged under water and is easily visible in winters when the water recedes. It is said to be the place Lord Shiva sat on while he tied Ganga in his matted hair. Dividing it into 7 streams, Shiva saved earth from the massive force of Devi Ganga.

Gaumukh and Tapovan

To witness the holy birth of River Ganges at Gaumukh, one can take up a picturesque and exciting trek surrounded with peaks and soaring peaks. One can further trek to Tapovan which is about 4 km from Gaumukh. Tapovan has meadows, beautiful flowers, streams and incredible views of surrounding Himalayan Peaks such as Shivling and Bhagirathi. Tapovan is also a base camp initiating a number of mountaineering tours.

Bhairon Nath Temple in Bhairon Ghati

Some 10 km downstream from Gangotri, near the point where Jadh Ganga (also called Jhanvi River) merges with Bhagirathi, lies the temple of Bhairon Nath. As per a legend, Bhairon Nath was chosen by Lord Shiva as the protector of the region. And every visit to the Gangotri temple should be followed by a visit to the temple of Bhairon.

Moving about 3 km from Bhairon Ghati one can reach Lanka Chatti to witness one of the highest river bridges of the region; the bridge over River Jhanvi is quite a spectacle in its own right.

How To Reach Gangotri Temple, Gangotri Uttarakhand , India

Gangotri is located at a height of 3048 meter and at a distance of 98 KM from Uttarkashi. This shrine of goddess Ganga is one of the four pilgrim place ( char Dham ) of Hindu religion. It is 228 KM from Yamunotri temple, another pilgrim place of Char Dham Yatra. Uttarakashi is the gateway to Gangotri and there is no other way to reach Gangotri by road

Uttarakashi is the gateway to Gangotri
Gangotri Mandir

The nearest airport to Gangotri is Dehradun, which is 226 km away. The closest railhead is at Rishikesh, 250 km away from Gangotri. From these places, one could either take a bus or a taxi to reach the shrine.After reaching Gangotri, there is a 14km trek to Bhojbasa that provides accommodation. From here, one can further trek up to the glacier of Ganga or travel by pony. It is suggested to take a reliable guide for safety purposes. Even if you are unable to visit certain areas due to its difficult terrain, you can still have the pleasure of visiting the Ganges and the temple at Gangotri. 

Route:  Delhi – Dehradun – Mussoorie – Chamba – Tehri – Dharasu Bend – Uttarkashi – Bhatwari – Gangnani – Harsil – Gangotri

By Air: Jolly Grant airport, Rishikesh Road, Dehradun, is the nearest airport to Gangotri. Hire a cab or get a bus from here.

By Train: Regular trains to Haridwar and Dehradun are available at all times of the year. Hire a cab or get a bus from here.

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