Karni Mata Temple Bikaner Rajasthan India

Karni Mata Temple Bikaner

Karni Mata  temple is situated in Deshnoke, 30 kms from Bikener, Rajasthan. This is popular as Rat Temple. The rats are extremely consecrated in this temple. There are numerous 1000s of rats here.

Bikaner might be known for its camel safaris and noteworthy stronghold in the condition of Rajasthan, however it is its extraordinary temple in the town of Deshnok that pulled in us to the region.

The Karni Mata Temple just might be the most special and freaky fascination we’ve ever been to. 

These rats are considered as blessed and not as vermin. It is trusted that there are around 20,000 rats here. They are seen all over the place.
Neither the rats nor the enthusiasts are terrified of each other. Enthusiasts and rats share an uncommon bond.
These rats are known as Khabas. They offer petitions to these rats. The Prasadam is initially offered to the Khabas and at exactly that point to the lovers.
This spot is free of Plague or whatever other infectious illnesses. There is a prevalent view that the rats are the incarnations of dead precursors of Charan families and when rats kick the bucket, they are conceived as people. The Karni Mata secures these rats.
They are considered as the holiest rats. In spite of the fact that, there are around 20000 rats here nobody to this date has seen any child rats. Any given day, they all are of same size, shape, weight and stature. There are numerous white rats too. They are considered as the holiest and unadulterated Khabas. 
how to reach karni mata temple in bikaner
No different temples have these numerous rats anyplace. This karni mata temple is constantly loaded with aficionados. At the point when these rats jump on you or have your prasadam it is considered as favors.
In the event that one executes a rodent here, one needs to supplant it with a gold or silver Khaba of same size, shape, stature and weight.
At the point when rats pass on, they normally create a foul scent and this is a well known fact, however when rats kick the bucket here, they don’t deliver any foul odor by any stretch of the imagination. There is no foul smell at all.
At the point when a Rat kicks the bucket there will be a birth in her tribe. This is perfectly coordinated. This is certainly a marvel.
Rats got to be holy in her temple when Karni Mata’s stepson Laxman suffocated in a tank he was endeavoring to drink from.
She arranged with the divine force of death-Yuma. She needed to restore the kid. Nonetheless, the ruler Yuma declined to process her solicitation refering to that the unhealthy kid has officially taken a resurrection.
Karni Mata then goes to an understanding that every one of the general population of her tribe when dead ought to be conceived as rats before taking another human birth. Yuma gave his gesture.
Thus every one of the rats here are considered as unhealthy predecessors. The Karni Mata ensures every one of them. 
Karni Mata was conceived on second October 1387 in Suwap, Rajasthan. She was the seventh offspring of Mehoji Charan and his significant other Deval Devi. Her genuine name was Ridhubhai.
At the point when Karni Mata’s mom needed to prematurely end the infant she basically proved unable. Goddess Durga appeared in her fantasies and educated that the youngster is an incarnation of herself.
At the point when Ridhubhai was only 6, she cured her relative off of a fatal sickness, subsequently she was known as Karni. At an exceptionally youthful age she was offered to an affluent man-Dipoji Charan of the town of Sathika around AD 1415 yet did not carry on with a routine “wedded life.”
She was not inspired by common issues. She wanted to carry on with a holy person’s life. Karni set forth a proposition to wed her more youthful sister Gulab, and along these lines prepared with it.
Goddess Karni Mata originated from Charan faction. She lived for a long time and stayed youthful and delightful. After her demise, she turned into a rodent.
The Charan groups trust that once beyond words, too will be resurrected as a rodent and therefore, when a rodent kicks the bucket, it will be resurrected as a human once more. 
She is accepted as an incarnation of Durga. She was the goddess Bikaner and Jodhpur Kingdoms. She had favored them with flourishing, peace and great wellbeing.
To this date there is no episodes of any pandemics in bikaner notwithstanding having that numerous rats! Ganga Singh Bickner assembled the temple in the fifteenth century.
The temple is vigorously impacted by big shot engineering. The whole temple is worked with lovely white marble. He additionally talented a Silver entryway. At first there were no symbols or temple only couple of impressions. Be that as it may, now the temple has a sacrosanct sanctum, an icon where she holds a “trisul” and obviously a considerable measure of rats!! 
The Karni Mata Temple just might be one of India’s most peculiar attractions. 
It houses a huge number of rats, yes rats and travelers make consistent outings to Deshnok to venerate these since quite a while ago followed rodents. 
The Goddess Karna Mata was a part of the Charin tribe in her lifetime. She lived to be 150 years of age and stayed youthful and lovely. After her passing, she turned into a rodent.
The supporters of the Charin trust that once beyond words, too will be resurrected as a rodent and in this way, when a rodent passes on, it will be resurrected as a human once more. 
Karni Mata Temple

Thus the cycle proceeds in karni mata temple

These sacred rodents are respected by their supporters as the Charin People trust that the rats are their precursors. 
An intriguing certainty that everybody let us know was that these rats never leave the Temple despite the fact that they are allowed to do as such. I say, why leave when you are given a constant flow of delicious drain and treats. 

The White Rat in karni mata temple

It is viewed as fortunate to recognize a white rodent and we figured out how to see one rush around the grounds.
I comprehend why it is so hard to spot one however, the moment it leaves concealing, crowds of sightseers and travelers pursue it to get an impression. It isn’t much sooner than it keeps running again into a gap in the divider.
 Many holes can be seen in the courtyard of this temple. In the vicinity of these holes, one can see rats engaged in different activities.
The Rats can be seen here eating from huge metal bowls of milk, sweets and grains. To make the holy rats safe, wires and grills are sited over the courtyard to avoid the birds of prey and other animals. 
It is regarded auspicious, if a rat (kaba) runs across one’s feet. Even, a glimpse of kaba (white rat) is considered promising and fruitful. Twice a year, a festival is celebrated in the honor of Karni Mata. A grand fair is organized during this time and people come here to seek the blessings of the Goddess.
white rat karni mata temple bikaner

How To Reach Karni Mata Temple 

The famous temple of Mata Karni is just 610 m away from Deshnok railway station and about 30.5 km from Bikaner Airport, making it easy for the visitor to reach the destination.
Karni Mata temple is well connected to Bikaner city with NH 89. Tourists can hire private conveyance such as auto rickshaw , rickshaw , Cab, taxi to reach the temple of ancient era.

Karni Mata Temple Timings

Devotees can visit any time from dawn to dusk.


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