Ramaswamy Temple Kumbakonam Tamilnadu India

Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita are situated together in the sanctum sanctorum in wedding stance. In Other temples they effortlessness from their different sanctums.
Lovers trust that supplicating in this temple would present to them a match with a conciliatory quality for the other.
Satrugna is on the left of Lord with a Samara fanning his sibling, Bharatha holding the Royal Umbrella and Hanuman on the privilege and Lakshmana shows up with his bow of course.
Achutha Nayaka of Thanjavur developed the Ramaswamy temple amid 16 th century. Maha Mandapam are advanced with mind boggling stone cutting works of Rama-Katha.
Vamana Avatharam, Meenakshi Kalyanam , Sukreeva Pattabisegam are a portion of the well known cutting works of this temple.The external Prahara comprises of every one of the 219 divider compositions , which clarifies the arrangement of episodes from the immense Epic “Ramayanam”.Alwar Sannathi , Sreenivasa Sannathi , and Gopalan Sannathi are alternate sanctuaries situated inside the temple complex.
Sri Hanuman graces here with a Veena against his standard appearance with a club. He singing the brilliance of Lord Rama.
This shows that Sri Hanuman is an intelligent researcher as well as a decent artist as well. He is holding the Ramayana epic in one hand. It is said that He is singing the Ramayana story. The temple has every one of the components that Ramayana lets us know and is a tribute to Rama bhaktas.
Ramaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu
Ramaswamy Temple has delightful engineering pieces that has been worked by the Nayakkar lords. Govinda Dikshitar, the leader of the Nayaks, built the temple. He included an endeavor passageway between his new temple and the more seasoned Chakrapani temple.
The temple has a 3-layered gopuram encompassed by walls.The columns in the lobby close to the gopuram are etched with dazzling artfulness delineating different scenes of the epic Ramayana. Every column is cut out of a solitary stone.
This Ramaswamy Temple, known as the southern Ayodhya, has lovely symbols of Rama and Seetha depicted in crowning liturgy pose.
Lakshmana remains beside Rama, holding a bow and bolts; they are flanked by Bharatha holding an Umbrella and Shatrughna holding a fan. This is the main temple where we can see symbols of Rama, Seetha and Lakshmana alongside Bharatha and Shatrughna.
The 62 columns in the front mandapam are awesome masterpieces. Scenes from Ramayana are painted on the dividers of the prakaram.
The dividers of the Ramaswamy Temple are improved with wonderful artworks portraying the Ramayana. Each scene is painted, right from the introduction of Rama to his crowning celebration.
I wish I had room schedule-wise to concentrate every last painting in detail, however falling flat that, I capitulated to enticement, and clicked a few photos of the works of art. They will remind me to make another outing to this excellent temple, at relaxation.
The Ramaswamy Temple town of Kumbakonam is the dwelling place a few gods every interesting and particular. The Temple of Lord Rama arranged in the focal point of the town is an experts’ joy. The temple is loaded with puranic legend.
Lord Raghunayak ruled Tanjore from 1614-1640. He was a vigorous enthusiast of Rama . His lieutenant Govinda Dikshitar called Govinda Ayyan was likewise faithful and took care of the temple works.
Lord Raghunayak delved a heavenly tank in Darasuram close Kumbakonam . while the work was in advance they discovered symbols of Rama and Sita in the tank. The King’s happiness knew no limits. Accordingly he constructed a temple for Rama and called it Ramaswamy temple.
Ramaswamy Temple is one of a kind as Rama and Sita are in a Pattabishekam act Coronation scene . Rama and Sita are encompassed by lakshmana, shatrugna, Bharatha and the ever faithful Hanuman with Veena in one hand and the heavenly book of Ramayana in the other turn in a sitting stance.
This crowning ceremony scene pulls in individuals from far away places who are dazed at the perfect sight of the divine conjunction.
Ramaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu
A different sanctum sanctorum is devoted to Srinivasa with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi .
There are separate places of worship for Azhwars and acharyas. The Ramaswamy Temple looks lofty with a mammoth Gopuram which appear to entice the enthusiasts to satisfy the master inside.
Sri Anjaneya graces here with a Veena against his typical appearance with a club. He is free here from the war brain and singing the wonderfulness of Lord Rama.
This likewise demonstrates Sri Hanuman is an intellectual researcher as well as a decent performer as well. He is holding the Ramayana epic in one hand.
It is said that He is singing the Ramayana story. The Ramaswamy Temple has every one of the components that Ramayana lets us know and is a devour to Rama bhaktas.
Dasaratha King of Ayodhya was miserable as he had no issues to care for the kingdom after him. As exhorted by Guru Vasishta, he led a yajna called Puthrakameshti Yajna looking for youngster help.
To set up Dharma on Earth Lord Vishnu was destined to him as Rama from his first ruler Kausalya. Vishnu’s Adisesha and conch were conceived as Lakshmana and Satrugna to his their ruler Sumitra.
Bharatha speaking to Vishnu’s disk was destined to the second ruler Kaikeyi and was an image of Dharma himself.
Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Satrugna were conceived on extremely promising days with Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha as their introduction to the world stars separately.
All the four siblings were a living and pragmatic case in human types of the run of Vedas. Rama and Lakshmana were near each other while Satrugna was near Bharatha.
Ramaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu
Bharatha, a remarkable case of the political dharma of the days, ruled Ayodhya as its acting Governor of Rama from the Nandhi Grama setting Rama’s shoes on the position of royalty. He managed till the arrival of Rama from his outcast following 14 years.
Their spouses exceeded expectations their husbands in maintaining Dharmas.
No power on earth could isolate the siblings. They were joined by soul and psyche. Ruler Sri Rama in the temple shows up as on the Coronation Day in Ayodhya with His partner Mother Sita who endured untold enduring amid their outcast, Lakshmana who was just glad to share the hardships of wilderness life alongside his sibling, Bharatha and Satrugna whose relinquish merits all acclaim and Sri Anjaneya who was the spirit of Rama in choosing His last triumph over Ravana. After Ayodhya in U.P. this is the temple in Kumbakonam in the crowning liturgy style, a traveler town known for its celebrated sanctuaries and Theertha – Sacred waters – significance.

How to Reach Ramaswamy Temple Kumbakonam Tamilnadu

By Road
Palakkad : Drive through NH-213 (Palakkad-Kozhikode), head towards Mundur junction, Pass by Kongad and reach Katambazhipuram. From here you can either choose to turn right to Mannampatta Road (Govenment Engineering College Road) or move ahead to reach Thiruvazhiyode Junction. If you choose the former one, pass by Government Engineering College at Mannampatta, move ahead to turn right at Easwaramangalam road, pass by Karimpuzha bridge and turn right to reach Dakshina Ayodhya. If you choose the latter, take the right diversion (Mannarkkad route) to reach Karimpuzha Bridge. Approximate Distance – 35 kms
Kozhikode : Drive through NH-213 (Kozhikode-Palakkad), take the diversion to right from Aryambavu junction, pass by Kulikkiliyadu and Thottara to reach Karimpuzha bridge and turn left to reach Dakshina Ayodhya. Approximate Distance – 96 kms
By Rail
Palakkad Junction : The nearest Railway Station with distance 34 kms
By Air
Cochin International Airport : Approximate Distance 150 kms
Coimbatore International Airport : Approximate Distance 95 kms
Calicut International Airport : Approximate Distance 80 kms

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