Sharda Temple Maihar Madhya Pradesh

Sharda Temple Maihar is one of the well known Hindu temple in India.This north indian temple is normally known as Sharda Devi, and individuals living there (means confined) use to call this temple as Maihar Devi or Maa Sharda Mandir or Maihar Mata Mandir or Maihar Devi Mandir or Maihar ki Sharda Mata.
As per mythology master Brahma played out a yagna to give up shiva and shakthi. Goddess shakthi emerge seperately from shiva and helped brahma for making the universe.
In the wake of finishing a work brahma chose to offer shakthi to shiva. Around then his child dhaksha performed numerous yaganas to get shakthi as his little girl as sati and wanted to wed sati to shiva subsequent to getting into the world.
Be that as it may, because of shivas condemnation to brahma was taht his fifth head was sliced off because of his lie before this occurrence dhaksha got irate on shiva and chose not to give sati and shiva a chance to get hitched.
However sati got attarcted by shiva and got hitched. So dhaksha played out a yagna to render retribution on master shiva.For that yagna he welcomes all the dieties aside from ruler shiva so sati got furious and fallen into the yagna.
By the affront of dhaksha towards shiva,Shiva in virabhadra symbol demolished dhakshas yagna furthermore cut the dhakshas head and later supplanted it by the male goat head. Still submerged in furious shiva conveyed the satis body and performed tandava, move of annihilation.
Every other god asked for vishnu to stop this annihilation so vishnu utilized his sudharshana chakra and cut the satis body in various pieces.
Every one of the parts of the body fell in differnt spots and it is called as shakthi peeth. At all the shakthi peeth goddess shakthis consort is accompained that is ruler bhairava(shiva).
It is trusted that in this spot just shakthi’s mid-section part tumbled down. Another fascinating story was that there was a cowpoke who used to go to the Trikoot slope for nibbling the cattles.
One day he saw one brilliant shaded cow was alongside his cattles however at the season of his arrival it had vanished, He was especially astonished to discover this and chose that following day he would get that dairy animals and approach its proprietor to pay him for eating that cow.
The following day at the season of his arrival, that dairy animals went the other way and he began tailing it. After a specific separation the dairy animals entered a hollow and entryway of the hole shut.
Regardless of his rehashed calls no one opened the entryway and the cowpoke continued staying there. A couple of hours after the fact an extremely old woman opened the entryway and enquired of the cowhand about his issue. Immediately he said he needed some compensation for eating her bovine.
The old woman gave him a few grains and exhorted him not to come here once more. The cowhand asked her how she lived there alone she said that was her home.
The rancher returned home and found that the grains had transformed into excessive gems and diamonds. He thought these things were futile for him so he went to the ruler and gave him the same and outlined for him all.
The ruler pondered and requesting that he assume him to that position the following day.That day itself the King saw a fantasy wherein that old woman let him know that she is Adi Shakti ( super power) Maa Sharada and requesting that he manufacture a shed over her object of worship at the highest point of the slope and organize the required section in order to encourage her fans to go to her and offer their petitions.
The King in like manner made all arrangements.People implore in the temple to accomplish high positions in scholarly field and for kid boon.Devotees perform milk abishek to Mother and offer pudding nivedhana.
The history about amarkantak reveals that during the Chedi dynasty hold the region was followed by the kalchuris in the 10th century.
The region in the earier days was belived to be known as the ayodhya, as mentioned in our vedas, puranas that there was a ashram for the saints of kapil muni and rishi markand.
Stories from the various books suggests that the pandavas of the mahabharat epic had spent their years of exile here. region was later in the 15th century was handed over Baghelas and in 1808, the bhosle of nagpur ruled out the region. Finally in went in the hands of minister of state goverment.
Dotted with numerous holy sites dedicated to almost all the gods, goddesses and deities of Hindu religion, India is famed for providing much-looked-for respite from troubled self and rushed life of individuals. Inspired to take a pilgrimage gratifying their need to come under the refuge of God, they turn into devotees in one such place called as Maihar in Madhya Pradesh.
Located in district of Satna, Maihar is a city associated with the Goddess Shakti, also known as Sharda Devi. On Trikut Hills, even 1063 steps to the hilltop to visit sculpture of Sharda Devi and Lord Narsingh do not stop pilgrims to consider the endurance and take the climb. Another mode of reaching the temple is ropeway. Developed in 2009, it facilitates the pilgrims short with vacation or restricted by physical ailments.
In the hindu mythology, Narmada is one of the seven sacred rivers of India. Pilgrims bathe in its holy water to wash away their sins. legend has it that once every year, the mighty Ganga comes to Narmada to take a holy dip into its water at the place of its origin.
Sharda Temple Maihar Madhya Pradesh

Transport connectivity to Maihar city is very efficient.

The city is well connected by rail and road.
By Flight/Air – 
Nearest airport to reach Maihar is Jabalpur, Khajuraho and Allahabad. From these airports you can easily reach to Maihar by train, bus or taxi.
Jabalpur to Maihar distance aprox. 150 KM.
Khajuraho to Maihar distance aprox. 130 KM.
Allahabad to Maihar distance aprox. 200 KM.
By Train – 
Normally all trains do not have stop at Maihar station but during Navratri festivals most of the trains stop at Maihar.
Nearest railway station junction for all trains stoppage –
Satna Station distance from Maihar Station aprox 36 KM.
Katni Station distance from Maihar Station aprox 55 KM.
Jabalpur Station distance from Maihar Station aprox 150 KM.
By Road – 
Maihar city is well connected by road with National highway 7. You can easily get regular buses to Maihar city from nearest major cities

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