Shri Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Tanot Mata Temple or Mateshwari Tanot Rai Mandir is the same temple you have seen ordinarily in the Bollywood “Border” Movie. Tanot Mata temple stayed untouched regardless of the overwhelming shelling by Pakistan amid Indo-Pak war of 1971. The temple is found near India – Pakistan Border and vacationer are not permitted to go past this Temple. 

Belief or faith in God often helps one gather the courage in the face of adversity. The Indian Army has its share of stories when God helped Indian soldiers standing on the brink of annihilation and ended up being victorious.
The story of Tanot Temple at the Longewala border in Rajasthan is one such miraculous tale when the local deity Tanot aka Awad Mata didn’t let any Pakistani tank bomb explode and Indian soldiers who were certain of martydom and  defeat went on to crush the Pakistanis in both 1965 as well as 1971 wars.

Tanot Mata Temple History 

Goddess Tanot is accepted to be the incarnation of Goddess Hinglaz which is situated in Lasvela locale of Baluchistan. In 847 AD establishment of Goddess, Tanot was kept and icon was introduced. Era of Bhati Rajput deals with this temple. 
Tanot Mata Temple
Prior amid the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Tanot Mata temple did not touch by focused bombs by Pakistan Army while every one of the bombs did not detonate which falls in the region of the temple because of Goddess Tanot divine force.
Those unexploded bombs now can be found in the Tanot Mata temple exhibition hall. After the war, Border Security Force of India keeps on dealing with this blessed temple till date. Found near the fight site of Longewala-Jaisalmer , guests can’t go past the temple. 
‘Tanot Mata Mandir’ is temple of Goddess Hinglaz in region Balmer close Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is shut to the Indo-Pak fringe. This temple is under Border Security Force (BSF) because of security reason and we likewise called as ‘temple of Miracles’ since it is said that Goddess Hinglaz guarded the troopers of India from bombs in such an awesome route amid India Pakistan war of 1965 and 1971.
The surroundings of temple are extremely tranquil yet it is in Thar Desert, a hot locale. Travelers are not permitted to go past the temple (close to the outskirt) unless one gets the best possible documentation from the higher powers. Sentiments of open are joined to the temple to give best civilities to fans. 
It is said that amid the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Pakistan dropped various of bombs on the temple and in region of temple yet even a solitary bomb did not detonate. Individuals said that it was happened due to the celestial force of Goddess Tanot, known as ‘Temple of Miracles’.
tanot mata langar Tanot Mata Temple Shri Tanot Mata Temple Jaisalmer Rajasthan
There is a historical center in the temple in which those unexploded bombs are kept. These confirmations that there is GOD stay and have heavenly power and this makes it the most praise worthy temple of the Indian history. 
Tanot Mata Temple in Jaisalmer Rajasthan closely to Pakistan border and battle site of Longewala of Indo-Pak war 1971 .
It is said that during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Pakistani Army dropped several bombs targeting the temple but none of the bombs could fall on the temple and large number of the bombs in the vicinity of the temple did not explode.
After the war the temple management was handed over to Border Security Force of India. On date Border Security Force Jawans man the temple. The temple has a museum which has collections of the unexploded bombs dropped by Pakistan. 
The temple has shown in Bollywood superhit movie Border. Presently Tanot Mata temple end up being a prominent vacationer goal and an immaculate spot to investigate in the Thar desert. Best time to visit Tanot Mata temple is October to March.
In the 1965 war against Pakistan, Indian Army was under immense pressure as Pakistan fire power was more menacing then ever before and Indians weren’t equipped with adequate weaponry to respond to Pakistan’s shelling.
Pakistani forces while taking advantage of this captured large areas inclusding Kishangarh near Sadewala post where Indian forces were in thick numbers. 
13 Grenadiers fighting at Sadewala knew that since their supply lines have been cut by Pakistani capture of key areas, they have fight the battle of their lives to sustain and secure their post.
Soon the shelling started on November 17 on Sadewala, a post near Tanot Mata temple but surprisingly none of the bombs could meet the target and those which fell near post didn’t explode.
The legend says that Pakistan army dropped more than 3000 bombs till 19 Novermber but the temple of Tanot mata remained unscathed. The story goes on saying that deity herself came in dream of soldiers and promised to protect them if they stay in close vicinity of temple.
Tanot Mata Mandir,Tanot,jaisalmer
After war BSF took charge of the temple.India defeated Pakistan in 1965, BSF established a post inside the temple premises and took charge of proceedings of Pooja of the deity, Tanot Mata. The temple till date is handled by BSF.
Mateshwari Tanot Rai Mandir

The Tanot Mata Temple Longewala miracle 1971

When India Army was thrashing them in erstwhile East Pakistan, Pakistan decided to engage Indian Army on two fronts and opened the western front in Rajasthan.
But this time, they didn’t chose Sadewala as it was well guarded by Indians suspecting that Pakistan would repeat their 1965 faux pas. This time Pakistanis chose Longewala another post near Tanot temple. It was guarded by a company of 120 men led by Major Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri.
Despite several odds, jawans didn’t lose hope and kept their belief on Tanot Mata. On December 4, Pakistan attacked Longewala with a full battalion and tank squadron. But again the bombs which fell near deity didn’t explode and just a company of 120 men went on to crush Pakistani hubris clad a squadron of tanks. Longewala is one of the greatest battles ever fought in the history of Independent India.

Tanot Mata Temple After 1971 War

Post 1971 war, the fame  of Tanot Mata and her temple reached heights and BSF constructed a big temple on that site along with a Museum where the unexploded bomb shot at Indian Army were kept.
Indian Army built a Vijay Stambha to mark the victory of Longewala inside the temple compound and each year a celebration takes place on December 16 as commemoration of the great victory over Pakistan in 1971.
shri Tanot Mata History

How to Reach Tanot Mata Temple ?

Tanot Mata Mandir is located in district Balmer which is about 120 km far from Jaisalmer. This area is cover up with sand dunes and mountains. Temperature can easily go above 49 degrees in this region.
Due to desert and high wind speed, Ideal time to visit Jaisalmer is November to January. It is very sure that tourists will experience such a great fun and relax to the mind in full of traditions and cultures state, Rajasthan.
This can be one of the best tours for those who are interested in spiritual journey. So must visit if you planned a holiday or vacation in Jaisalmer.


  1. Why is Tanot Mata famous?

    It is believed that in the war that took place between India and Pakistan in September 1965, the soldiers of Pakistan had dropped many bombs on the temple but by the grace of the mother, not a single bomb could explode. Since then, the Border Security Force personnel have a lot of reverence for this temple.

  2. Which goddess has a temple on the Longewala border?

    The Siddha temple of Tanot Mata is situated near the far border. The temple of Tanot Mata, built on the Indo-Pak border in Jaisalmer, has many strange memories associated with the Indo-Pakistani War (1965 and 1971 wars). This temple has been a center of faith not only for India but also for the soldiers of Pakistan Army.

  3. At what time does Tanot Mata's aarti take place?

    The worship of the temple is done only by the Border Security Force personnel. The tide of faith rises in the Tanot temple on the occasion of Navratri. During this, a large number of devotees reach here to have darshan and pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. Aarti is performed every day at 12 noon and 7 in the evening.

  4. Tanot Mata temple how many kilometers from jaisalmer?

    The temple of Tanot Mata is 120 km away in the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer.

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