Somnath Temple

The Somnath temple situated in Prabhas Patan close Veraval in Saurashtra on the western shoreline of Gujarat, India, is the first among the twelve Jyotirlinga hallowed places of Shiva. It is an essential journey and visitor spot. 

Anceint Glory of Somnath Temple 

Known as prabhAsa kshetra, Somnath temple involved a greatly regarded place in the Hindu blessed spots. It finds numerous references in the purANas and itihAsas. 
The inward temple of the Garbhashay was upheld to be aglow with the shine of these gemstones. The Nanda Deep was constantly kept lit with Kannauji attar.
The fortune of the somnath temple was always brimming with tremendous riches and was kept safe. 
For love of the Lord-and Abhishek (love with sacred water) sandalwood scented water was brought from Haridwar, Prayag Kashi consistently.
However blossoms for exceptional merriments were transported in from Kashmir. For the standard day by day adore, one thousand Brahmins were designated.
Around three hundred and fifty moving young ladies were designated for the normal music and move shows that occurred in the Temple courts. 
This religious spot of love was gaining the produce of ten thousand towns. Among the twelve JyotirLingas (Lingas of light) Somanath temple is considered as the essential one.
Since this divinity should be Swayanbhu (self-conceived) and is constantly alert, lakhs of lovers went by this temple and viewed themselves as favored and to have accomplished devotion.
Offerings made by crores of aficionados added up to crores of rupees which kept the Somnath Temple constantly rich and plentiful. Alongside this, the Sun adoring nonnatives (presumably Parsis) likewise contributed a congratulatory gesture of their benefits to the temple treasury which kept its coffers full, constantly. 
Chandra, (moon) was the first to get the benefic shelter of Shri Somanath temple of Saurashtra, the Shiva journey, Agni Teerth and Surya Teerth.
At that point Chandra fabricated a lovely brilliant temple and put a sublime JyotirLinga in it, the first of its kind in India. 
As indicated by Prabhaskhand of Skanda Purana, the legend goes this way: 
Chandra wedded the twenty seven girls (stars) of Daksha, yet was exceptionally halfway and indicated part more love and warmth to rohini.
The staying twenty six spouses felt ignored as well as offended. They were baffled with their better half and went and griped to their dad.
Daksha was vexed to see his little girls endure in this manner, and attempted twice to persuade his child in-law to change himself, however futile. He put a condemnation on him that Chandra would diminish in size. 


The Devas (Celestial divine beings) were exceptionally dismal at Chandra’s predicament and went to Brahma.
The Creator, with a specific end goal to discover a solution for this state of Chandra and get an answer for changing the condemnation.
Brahma let them know that the main way out was to venerate Vrishabhdhwaj Shankar at Prabhas Kshetra Mahamrityunjay.
Chandra went on a repentance for six months and appealed to Lord Shiva, toward the end of which Shankara showed up before him.
He gave Chandra the aid that in a month, he would develop for fifteen days in one half and in the other half he would continue loosing one Kala (shade) every day and decline in size.
He was satisfied with the Devas and keeping in mind the end goal to expand the esteem of the spot, Lord Shiva Himself came to be known as Someshwar, which means well known moon (Soma).
The Devas built up a Someshwar Kund there. By taking a heavenly plunge in this lake or Kund, it is trusted that one would get discharge from every one of the wrongdoings. 
Chandra or moon is additionally called Som. That is the reason this JyotirLinga has gotten to be celebrated as Somanath.
Chandra or moon looks brilliant here. In this way, this spot is otherwise called “Prabhasapattana”. 


Later, Shri Somnath Mandir was worked by Ravana fro Rupa in the treda yug and Lord Krishna fro Chandran in . Sovereign vikramAditya constructed the temple in the kali yug. 


Pained times and Hindu Resilience in reconstructing the grat temple of Somnath 
This stupendous temple of Somanath went under the assault of the Muslims a few times. In the year 722, Junamad, the Sindh Subedar assaulted it interestingly and plundered incalculable things from its fortune. 


The delightful statue of Somanath temple, can be seen from the inside due to the extraordinary attractive force.
Ghajni Mohammed, demolished this statue on Friday, the eleventh of May 1025 AD. From that point onwards, Ghajni Mohammed came to be known as the “Statute Destroyer” (Iconoclast). On that day, he ravaged and plundered a fortune worth 18 crores. 


In 1297 AD, Allauddin khilji sent his Sardar Altaf Khan to Somanath on a mission of pulverizing and putting down the Somanath Mandir.
The Somanath Temple was subjected to arrangement of assaults beginning in 1479 AD by Mohammad Begada, Mujaffar Shah, II, in 1503 AD, lastly by Aurangazeb, known not the most bigoted towards different religions, in 1701 AD, where in, the temple was completely crushed, ravaged and plundered in a most repulsive manner. Countless were murdered cruelly and a ton of cash stolen. 
In 1783 AD Sadhvi Alalya devi Holkar, an awesome aficionado of Siva, assembled another temple for Somanath after India get to be free, the lion of Gujarat, Sardar Vallabhai Patel remodeled the Somanath Temple on the guidance of Kakashaheb Gadgil of Maharashtra with its restored Indian design excellence for which it turned into an one of a kind illustration. It drew the consideration of the world. 


The Somanath JyotirLinga statue was restored (Pran Pratishta) on Friday the eleventh May 1951 at 9.46 A.M. It was finished by the then President of India, Honorable Dr. Rajendra Prasad, to the tune of the Veda droning of Vedamurti Tarka Teertha Lakshman Shastri Joshi, in an amazing way. 
This essential JyotirLinga situated in India, is the cynosure of every single Indian traveler. It is constantly swarmed with lakhs of lovers.
Countless and devout men can be met there. With the offerings of aficionados, the Somanath Temple  magnificence is restored.
Regardless of being subjected to devastation by intolerants, the confidence of Indian enthusiasts, commitment and their affection was never demolished. Shri Somanath JyotirLinga remains as the fabulous case of the same. 
The temple fifteenth remembrance and the old landmark situated on the ocean side of Kahiavad close Prabhaspattan.
There are numerous renowned fanciful stories connected to them. The sun temple is the most old of all.
There is no directing god in it, yet the design of temple is exquisite to the point, that even by seeing the remnants one can envision. 
Holy person Agastya, should have tipsy the whole ocean close Prabhasapattan. Legendary saints like Janamejaya, Pandavas, Ravana should have gone by Prabhasapattan Teerth.
In the month of Magha (at some point in February) upon the arrival of Shivaratri, Somanath JyotirLinga celebration is commended with incredible aplomb.


How To Reach  Somnath Temple

  • The nearest Airport is at Keshod, (125 kms.) which is connected with Mumbai.
  • Veraval, (5 kms.) is the closest Railway station.
  • State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various centres of Gujarat to Somnath.
Home to one of the 12 Jyotirlings of India, the temple city of Somnath or Prabhas Patan is arranged in the condition of Gujarat on the Arabian Sea. 

Best time to visit to Somnath Temple Gujarat

The atmosphere of Somnath temple is mellow with the temperature extending somewhere around 20°C and 28°C in the winters and somewhere around 28°C and 34°C in the summers.
One can visit the spot round the year yet the best season to visit is winters – from October to March. 


History of Somnath Temple Gujarat

It is said that the first temple of Somnath temple was built by the Moon God and was made of gold. After it was wrecked to the ground, it was remade with silver by Ravana.
At the point when the silver temple was thumped down, it was remade in wood by Krishna. Furthermore, when this was pulled down, a structure of stone was raised by Bhimdev. 
This is the first among the twelve Jyotirlings. Since old times, Prabhas Patan has been a journey focus, being the juncture of the fanciful Saraswati, Hiranya and Kapila.
Legend has it that Lord Shiva’s Kalbhairav linga is arranged at Prabhas. It is likewise connected with the moon as the Moon God is additionally said to have loved this Shivling.
This is likewise the motivation behind why this temple is famously known as Somnath temple, the one named after the moon. 
Stays found from the locale and portrayals in the works of Indians and outsiders propose that the spot was a state of the Aryans in the old times.
somnath temple of religious and in addition chronicled criticalness is accepted to have been manufactured at some point around AD 4. 
In AD 1026, Mahmud of Ghazni initially plundered the temple, and after that came Afzal Khan, the administrator of Ala-ud-racket Khilji and later Aurangzeb.
It is said that the somnath temple was plundered and obliterated upwards of seventeen times. 
The Iron man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was instrumental in the development of the present temple, a structure helping guests to remember the quality of the first Somnath temple.
Famous somnath temple modeler Prabhaschandar planned it and the primary President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad introduced the Jyotirling in the new temple on May 11, 1951. 
The present temple Kailash Mahameru Prasad is implicit the Chalukya style of temple engineering and mirrors the intrinsic ability of sompuras, Gujarat’s lord bricklayers.
It has the shikhara, the Garbhagriha, the sabha mandap and the nritya mandap. It has been implicit such a position, to the point that there is no area between the Somnath temple and Antarctica.
This reality discovers notice in the engraving found on the assurance mass of the temple. 
The historical center at Somnath houses the remaining parts of the main temples yet as a mess of old cut stones littering a patio.
It additionally houses earthenware shards, a seashell accumulation, a glass instance of water jugs containing tests from the waterways Danube, Nile, St Lawrence, Tigris, Plate, Murray, and seawater from Tasmania, and New Zealand. 
The Bhalka Tirth is the spot where Lord Krishna was mixed up for a deer and injured by a bolt while resting in a deerskin. The spot is arranged on the intersection of three waterways.
There is a sun temple (Suraj Mandir) adjacent that was additionally thumped around Mahmud of Ghazni. 
The Junagarh Gate is an exceptionally old triple door that Mahmud of Ghazni got through to take the town. 
The Mai Puri was at one time a Sun temple however was later changed over into a mosque amid Mahmud of Ghazni’s chance. 
The Ahilyabai Temple was worked as a substitute for the first Somnath Temple. Simply behind the temple is the Somnath shoreline with lovely sands, awesome ocean perspective, camel and horse rides, coconut slows down, and nibble shops. 
Different spots of interest are Jama Masjid, Bhidiyo Pagoda, and a few littler temples. 
Places around: The Gir National Park is the last home of the Asiatic Lion and is arranged around 43 km off Somnath.
This 1400 sq km haven was set up to ensure the lions whose numbers at one point had boiled down to under 200. Presently the number is accepted to have stretched around 285 at the last tally. 
Chorwad is another shoreline resort created by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat at a separation of around 26 km from Somnath. 
Veraval is a noteworthy angling port and a base point for the visit to Somnath temple. 
Fairs and celebrations: Somnath praises a vast reasonable upon the arrival of the full moon of Kartik Purnima in November/December.
MahaShivratri in the month of March is likewise a noteworthy celebration here. 

How to reach to the Somnath Temple Gujarat

Air – The closest air terminal from Somnath is Keshod, 55 km away and connected to Mumbai. There are normal transports and taxicabs utilizing amongst Keshod and Somnath. 
Rail – The closest railhead is seven km away at Veraval, which is associated via train to Ahmedabad and some different urban areas in Gujarat. 
By Road – State transport partnership transports and private mentors run general support of different urban areas in the locale. Somnath is associated by a decent street system to the next adjacent spots like Veraval 7 km, Mumbai 889 km, Ahmedabad 400 km, Bhavnagar 266 km, Junagarh 85 km, and Porbandar 122 km. 
transport: Private cabs, Auto rickshaws, Chhakadas, and transports are all accessible to move around Somnath and the other spot in the region.

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