Vaikom Mahadeva Temple Kottayam Kerala India

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is located around 31 km from Kottayam in Kerala and is closely associated with the legendary Parasurama.

This temple is a typical example of the Kerala style of temple architecture. More popular as the Kasi of the South, this temple is famous for its elephant pageants and traditional art performances.According to legend , Khara Asura set a Shiva Linga on his right hand at vaikom , another Shiva Lingam on his left hand at Ettumanoor and one by his neck at Kaduthuruthy.

Indeed, even right up ’til today, it is trusted that the Linga carried on the neck of Khara was Kadathuruthy. The separation from Vaikom to Kadathuruthy and from that point to Ettumanoor is practically equivalent.

Getting the darshan of all these three Lingas around the same time is viewed as an awesome shelter, equivalent to the Shiva Darshan at Kailas which is the house the Lord.

One day Sri Parasurama saw a Shiva Linga rising up out of water transmitting grand beams. At that point he comprehended that it was the Shiva Linga set by Khara.

Sri Parasurama believed that, the holiest and noblest Shiva Chaitanya could be a shelter for the dedicated who wish to achieve Moksha.

He developed a Linga here with his petitions and recitation of Shiva Manthras. Satisfied by his commitment, the Lord Shiva showed up with his associate Parvathi before Parasurama.

He was satisfied that the Linga was blessed with the manthras by Parasurama – the incarnation of Vishnu, his most noteworthy lover. Ruler Shiva told Parasurama that he would remain as Shaiva-Vaishnava Chaithanya allowing Moksha to fans.

Loaded with delight, Parasurama performed Shiva Linga pooja there for some days. At that point he himself constructed a temple and endowed a respectable brahman of Taruna town, to whom he instructed the pooja manthras.

Parasurama gave the temple with the Linga to brahmins and vanished. The conviction all rituals and traditions in this Indian temple is arranged and settled by Parasurama himself.

The Vaikom Mahadeva Temple was claimed by one hundred and eight families. The proprietors were isolated into two gatherings and when one gathering joined the ruler’s side, their debate and squabbles expanded.

One day a segment of the separated gathering went to the Hindu temple at twelve with their boss among them, Njallal Namboothiri , who was set up to stop the early afternoon pooja. Around then the Nivedya was to be set in the western side of the Namaskara Mandapa.

There was a passageway in the western yard. Njallal Namboothiri subsequent to keeping his cook’s garment (Randam Mundu) over the western entryway drew close to the Nivedyas and spat the remaining parts of his betel biting on the Nivedya.

The pooja was fouled. Returning, taking his smock from the entryway best, a harmful snake bit him. He crept outside toward the western bearing and kicked the bucket.

The western entryway of the temple yard naturally shut and a voice reported that the entryway would stay close. The entryway stays shut right up ’til today to demonstrate the fury of the considerable Lord against the disturbance of his poojas.

Quite a while back a holy person man named Vyaghrapada implored God Shiva for a considerable length of time. After numerous years, Shiva and his significant other Parvathi showed up before him.

It is trusted that god Shiva showed up before him upon the arrival of Krishna Ashtami. So as a memory of this, Vaikathashtami is praised. It is the celebration stretching out for 12 days. twelfth day is Vaikathashtami.

It is trusted that the “Vyaghralayesha” Shiva gives his favors to the enthusiasts in three Bhavas or structures in the morning, twelve, and night in this heavenly temple in India.

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple  Kottayam Kerala India

In the morning till Pantheeradi pooja, he accept the type of Shri Dhakshinamoorthy – the master of masters worshiped by the greater part of the divine beings, maharshis, asuras, yakshas, kinnaras, and every living animal in every one of the universes. He concedes insight, learning and comprehension.

In the early afternoon upto the Madhyahna pooja, he accept the Bhava of Kiratha Moorthi who offered Pashupathastra to his noblest lover Arjuna. At that point he concedes achievement in all attempts and evacuates all hindrances – ‘Sarvakarya Jayam’ and ‘Sarva Vighnopa Santhi’, to the Bhakthas.

At night Lord Shiva or the Vaikkathappan accept the Bhava of ‘Shakti Panchakshari’- the considerate Lord of Kailash – Jagath Pitha with his associate Jagath Matha Parvathi, children Ganapathi and Subramanya all situated in an extremely cheerful and charitable temperament. At that point he allows all worldy delights and all what enthusiasts look for from him.

The most essential prasada of Vaikathappan is Bhasma –Vibhoothi or blessed powder. It is assumed from the fire position of the huge kitchen where Sri Vaikkathappan is accepted to do work in the mask of a Brahman.

The legends broadcast this Bhasma as a sacred solution for dread, toxic substance, wounds and even agitation. The conviction of the extraordinary force of the Bhasma is affirmed by the aficionados in bounty.

The Vaikom Mahadeva temple has a patio of around eight sections of land of land. The Sreekovil is round fit as a fiddle, roofed with copper sheets and with two loads.

The Mukha Mandapa is the main chamber, which is worked with stone and single piece wood. The dividers and columns are exceptionally solid.

The Garbha Griha(sanctum santorum) is the second chamber, assembled totally with stone, incorporating the rooftop fit as a fiddle.

There are six stages in any case, both from the Gopura or the Nada, which reminds us about the kama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha and mathsarya or the thantrik chakras according to the thanthrik kalpana.

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple  Kottayam Kerala India

“Ee Narakathil ninnenne kara ketteetenam thiruvaikom vaazhum shiva shambho !!!” We don’t trust that there are malayalis who have not droned this in any event once in their lives.

So well known these words are, which is a petition to spare us from this the earth which is as comparable as of damnation. The adherents assume that Lord Vaikathappan could never let any lover to lay down with an unfilled stomach.

The Lord is known as Annadanaprabhu, who loves to encourage his admirers notwithstanding giving far from his own particular riches. Lord Vaikathappan’s Vaikom Mahadevar Temple is arranged at Vaikom, Kottayam. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, Thaliyil Temple,Kaduthuruthi and Ettumanoor Temple are considered as the most intense Lord Shiva idol in Kerala.

An enthusiast who appeals to every one of these masters before twelve would get all his or her desires satisfied without a doubt. driven. The symbol at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is extremely old and the age of the icon goes back to Thretha Yugam.

The history says, Vaikathappan’s rituals,festivals or any capacities at the temple has never been influenced, ceased or deferred for any reason.

The ruler keeps everybody in his control and make them quiet when they are in that start. Kharan, the evil spirit after accepting the exhortation from his Guru, went to achieve Moksham.

He achieved Chidambaram and inundated completely into profound supplication to Lord Shiva. After months or years even of undisturbed petition, Lord Shiva was satisfied and showed up before him.

Lord Shiva gave whatever he asked furthermore gave three icons. The master requested that Kharan venerate those effective icons to achieve Moksham.

Kharan was happy with that furthermore, Lord guaranteed him that, He will be constantly present in those icons. Kharan came back to his place with three idols(Shivalingams) one in his right hand, one on left and one under his neck with his button holding it.

When he had crossed very nearly three by fourth, he felt drained and chose to sit for some time. Subsequent to taking a brief time of rest, when Kharan attempted to lift those symbols, they were observed to be not moving from the spots.

Kharan comprehended Lord’s expectation and he got notification from his inward soul that could be the ideal opportunity for his Moksha and the three icons ought to be taken care well by somebody.

Maharshi Vyaghrapaada was taking after Kharan the distance behind, saw him and Kharan solicited the sage to worship,take mind from those three icons and accomplished Moksham.

The icon which was on Kharan’s correct hand is accepted to be at Vaikom and the left is at Ettumanoor temple. The one which had conveyed is at *Kaduthuruthi. Astounding in any case, need to trust that, the separations from the mid guide Kaduthuruthi toward Vaikom and Ettumanoor are the same.

Some individuals say that, Kharan had brought the icon at Kaduthuruthi was between his teeth and the place’s name was “Kadichchiruththi” Kadichu(Bitten)+ Iruththi (Made to sit) before and, as time passed it got to be Kaduthuruthi.

In Vrischikam, the malayalam month, on an Ashtami day, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi appeared to Maharishi.

The Vaikkathashtami is praised amid Vaikom Mahadeva Temple celebration in Vrischikam. Aficionados trust that, Lord Vaikathappan shows up in three structures.

Each morning as Dhakshinamoorthy, Noon he gets to be Kiratha Moorthi, Shivashakthi Panchakshari amid the night.

The Vaikom Mahadeva Temple  western entryway will never be opened. There were at least eight families who managed or represented Vaikom Mahadeva Temple’s every day schedules.

In one among those families there was one Brahmin fellow who never used to listen to older folks and he never regarded anybody, not accepted even God.

Once when he was going to the temple, it was the twelve and the Main cleric had shut every one of the entryways for customs.

No one other than the clerics are permitted inside amid that uncommon time. The youthful person came inside by opening the western entryway furthermore attempted to make unsettling influences to the ceremonies.

While after his exhibitions he was going out through the western entryway, a snake bit him and he by one means or another went outside and passed on there itself.

The crystal gazers or the heads kept an eye on this occurrence which was not favorable at all and found that, the Lord does not wish to have the western entryway opened any longer.

The entryway was shut and bolted everlastingly from that point forward and still is not opened by anybody.

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is arranged in a place that is known for eight sections of land. The internal temple has two chambers. To go into one needs to cross all the six stages through the fundamental passage in the eastern side.

The means signifies, Kamam, Krodham, Lobham, Moham, Madam and Matsaryam. It is trusted that, the person who beats each one of those can just observe Lord Vaikathappan.

There is a gigantic light behind Lord Vaikathappan which is implied for Goddess Parvathi and it is trusted that, lighting the lamp (Purakil Vilakku) morning or night gets thriving one’s life.

The light before the Lord likewise is never put off, it will be dependably be loaded with oil for quite a long time and evenings.

Lord Vaikathappan is known as Annadana Prabhu. Ruler likes to nourish individuals and the most delicious kerala lunch with every one of the curries are dispersed at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple Hall which is called(Oottupura).

Not even a solitary hungry individual would not leave the temple preface without having nourishment from Lord Vaikathappan.

In the prior night shutting the principle entryways of the temple, it is an unquestionable requirement that, the individual who close the entryway ought to yell and request any eager or purge tummied destitute individual in or around the temple yard as Lord Vaikathappan dislikes anybody dozing without nourishment. Ruler is accepted to eat as one among us amid the lunch served be that as it may, in camouflage.

Vaikathappan’s celebration is in the month of Vruschikam which may fall as Nov-Dec as per the english date-book. The twelve day long celebration makes the residential area of Vaikom lit 24 hours with lights and alive. It is the season to visit Sabarimala as well.

So truly Vaikom town thinks that its hard to accomodate expansive get-togethers. In any case, not even a solitary individual returns without seeing the Lord atleast even once.

The most recent day Lord Subramanian from close by temple at Udayanapuram comes to alongside other two, one from Koottummel Temple and one from Moothedathu Kavu.

They are Goddess Bhadrakali and Shakthi. The child and the girls reach to the father on Ashtami day by night. It is trusted that, Lord Vaikathappan goes on a quick on Ashtami Day as Lord Subramanian goes to battle against the evil spirit Thaarakan.

In this way, in the wake of executing the evil presence, the child returns by night and, Vaikathappan additionally connects with get the successful child and his little girls. The symbols are brought down and unique customs are finished.

Vaikathappan then acknowledges the principal custom or offering alongside the child. This is called Koodippooja. Dissimilar to alternate days, individuals are permitted to see the Lord, appeal to him.

It is accepted to be exceptionally propitious to see Vaikathappan amid this pooja time. After at some point, the child and the girls leave to their separate temples, and this is the most excruciating time for enthusiasts even.

The minute makes it feel like even the God of the universe on occasion get to be stressed and He is one among us amid that time. Ruler goes till the northern fundamental entryway, the elephants get by trunks each other and, from that point the child and little girls turn and withdraw.

You should watch it face to face to get the genuine feel of this minute. The Lord comes back to his hallowed place simply like how a conventional individual feel when they part with their children or little girls. Other two noteworthy capacities or ceremonies in the temple are the Vadakkupurathupattu and Kodi Archana.


How to reach Vaikom Mahadeva Temple Kottayam Kerala ?


By Road – Eranakulam is the nearest city and also Kottayam

By Air – Nedumbasseri aka Kochi International Airport is the nearest

By rail – Thripunithura, Vaikom Road are the nearest stations

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