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Lotus Temple New Delhi India

East of Nehru place, this temple is implicit the form of a lotus bloom and is the remainder of seven Major Bahai’s temple situated the world over. contruction of lotus temple was finished in 1986 it is set among the lavish green arranged patio nurseries.
The structure is comprised of unadulterated white marble The planner Furiburz Sabha picked the lotus as the image basic to Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahai Temple ,Jainism and Islam. Followers of any religion are allowed to visit the temple and ask or think.
Around the blossoming petals there are nine pools of water, which illuminate, in characteristic light. It looks breathtaking at nightfall when it is surge lit.
The Bahai House of Worship is a well known landmark in New Delhi and is remarkable in a few ways!
The Lotus Temple otherwise called the Bahai House of Worship or Bahai Mashriqul-Adhkar Temple is one of the best compositional wonders in the area in cutting edge times.
The white marble structure is additionally called the Taj Mahal of the twentieth century yet it is far beyond only a marvelous bit of engineering. It is a place where a few guests from all over the globe want peace, reflection, petitions and study.
Situated in New Delhi, the Lotus Temple is a well known vacation destination of the city. Not at all like different spots of love which for the most part have an icon of a divinity people appeal to, requesting either pardoning or something that they profoundly seek, the Lotus Temple is a somewhat one of a kind place of love.
It is known for its delightful bloom like engineering and great mood that make it a mainstream vacation destination for individuals of all religions.
The Bahai Lotus Temple is one of the world’s most delightful religious structures and an absolute necessity visit when in Delhi.
Lotus Temple New Delhi India
The Bahai Lotus temple was outlined by Iranian draftsman Fariborz Sahba fit as a fiddle of a lotus as it is normal to a few religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.
He has won a few worldwide honors for this splendid bit of work including the honors from the GlobArt Academy, Institution of Structural Engineers and the sky is the limit from there.
It additionally picked up acknowledgment in a few productions on the planet like the Encyclopedia Britannia and Guinness World Records.
There have been stamps of the Lotus Temple, books and even musical structures made to showcase its magnificence and glory.
The temple was finished in 1986 and is a standout amongst the most gone by spots on the planet. There are nine sides to the temple framed by 27 marble petals, masterminded in gatherings of three.
The nine entryways prompt a focal supplication lobby that has a limit of 2500 individuals and is around 40m high. The floor inside the focal lobby is additionally made of marble.
The marble utilized originates from Greece, from the Penteli Mountain. Numerous other Bahai Houses of Worship were constructed utilizing the same marble.
The passage of the Lotus Temple is additionally extremely charming with lakes and greenhouses inviting you to the entryways of the temple. The aggregate range of the place is 26 sections of land
Marble, cement, dolomite, and send were used in construction of lotus temple. If you look this temple from top view it looks like half opened lotus temple.
Construction of this architecture takes 10 years to complete. There are 800 people who have worked in construction of this temple. This team includes engineers, technicians, and workers. Outside of this temple there are nine reflecting pools.
This temple has nine doors. White marble is used in construction of this temple and because of this beauty of temple is increased. Height of lotus temple is 40 meters.
The temple does not contain any idols or images, as it is against the Bah’i faith and visitors are welcome to meditate inside the temple silently. The temple is surrounded by beautifully maintained laws and the best time to visit the temple is during sunset.
Lotus Temple , New Delhi, india
It is in accordance with the lessons of the Bahai confidence putting stock in the Oneness of God, the Oneness of Religions, and the Oneness of Mankind.
In that capacity, individuals of all religions and races are welcome in the temple as it is a place to venerate the maker of the universe and not one specific god.
There is no symbol to be venerated and individuals of any confidence, case, belief are welcome inside. Despite the fact that everybody is welcome, no formal functions can be performed inside the Lotus Temple nor would anyone be able to convey sermons. Be that as it may, you can serenade or read sacred writings of Bahai and different religions as well, in any dialect.
You can even set them to music by choirs however you can’t play any musical instrument inside the temple. The Bahai people group offers four exercises called the center exercises for the individuals who are occupied with the Bahai lifestyle.
These exercises are Children’s’ Classes, Junior Youth Classes, Devotional Meetings and Study Circles.
The temple is gone to by more than four million individuals consistently with a normal of more than 10,000 guests day by day.
As indicated by Bahai sacred writing, the House of Worship can’t have any photos, statues or pictures showed inside. Be that as it may, the lotus is not a vital piece of Bahai sacred text as it expresses that every Bahai structure ought to have a nine-sided round formed structure.
Indeed, even along these lines, a large portion of Bahai temple have a lotus-molded structure. The Bahai House of Worship in Delhi is one of seven such places of love.
The other six are at Sydney in Australia, Panama City in Panama, Apia inWestern Samoa, Kampala in Uganda, Frankfurt in Germany and Wilmette in USA.
It is intriguing to take in a couple of truths about the historical backdrop of how this temple was developed. The region on which the temple is built was purchased from the cash gave by Ardishir Rustampur of Hyderabad.
He gave away all his life-funds in 1953 for the temple to be built. In any case, it was not until 1976 that Iranian draftsman Fariborz Sahba was drawn nearer to design it. A UK-based firm named Flint and Neil was given the auxiliary outline extend while the development venture was attempted by ECC Construction Group.
The Lotus Temple is one of the main temples in Delhi to utilize sunlight based power. Its aggregate electric utilize is 500 KW of which 120 KW is given by sunlight based power.
When you visit the Lotus Temple, likewise visit the Information Center which houses a considerable measure of subtle elements of the Bahai confidence as writings, photos, film, sacred writings, and so forth.
There is additionally a varying media room and a library where religious books are kept for guests. You can peruse through them on the off chance that you like

Timings of Lotus Temple Delhi:

Lotus Temple opens at 9.30 am for guests and close around 5.30 pm in winter, and in summer the timings are 9 am to 7 pm. It stays open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Mondays. There are 15-minute petition sessions held in the temple at standard interims consistently.
Passage expense: There is no section charge or any confinement for anybody to enter the Lotus Temple. There is space for stopping which is free as well.

How to Reach Lotus Temple Delhi 

You can achieve the Lotus Temple by taking a metro. The closest metro station is the Kalkaji Mandir on the violet line. From here you can take a rickshaw or taxicab. The temple is near Kalkaji Park and open transport is effectively accessible to achieve it.


  1. By what other name is the Bahai Temple known?

    Located in Delhi’s Nehru Place, the Lotus Temple is a Baha’i Worship Temple, where there is no idol or worship of any kind. People come here to experience peace and relaxation. Due to the shape of this temple made like lotus, it is called Lotus Temple.

  2. who built the lotus temple ?

    In Indian traditions, the lotus is seen as a symbol of peace and purity and as an incarnation of God. The architecture of the temple was designed by Persian architect Fabrij Sahba. The Lotus Temple is also one of the specimens of modern architecture in the world. It was built by Baha Ullah, the founder of the Baha’i religion.

  3. where is the lotus temple ?

    Lotus Temple, near Nehru Place (Kalkaji Temple) in the capital of India, Delhi

  4. On which day the lotus temple is closed?

    It is open to the general public from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm in summer. At the same time, in winter it is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 am. This temple is closed on Mondays.

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