Dhari Devi Temple Uttarakhand

Dhari Devi Temple is a Hindu Temple committed to Devi Kali Mata. Dhari Devi godess is considered as watchman god of Uttarakhand.
The Temple is situated in Kalyasaur along the Srinagar – Badrinath Highway on the banks of the Alaknanda River in the Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand state, India. 
Dhari Devi Temple Garwhal Uttarakhand
It is around 15 km from Srinagar, Uttarakhand, 20 km from Rudraprayag and 360 km from Delhi. 
The upper portion of an icon of a diety came streaming down along the Alaknanda waterway and settled here. From that point forward the symbol is loved here as Goddess Dhari.
The Goddess is accepted to change appearance amid the day. As indicated by neighborhood legend, the diety changes appearance from a young lady, to a lady, and after that to an old woman.
The icon’s lower half is situated in Kalimath, where mata is implored in Kali roop. 
Kalimath is one of 108 shakti sthals in India. According to religious convention Kalimath is where Godess Kali killed the evil presence Raktavija and after that the godess had gone under the earth. 
An expansive number of aficionados visit the sanctuary consistently. Out of the numerous celebrations celebrated in Dhari Devi Temple, the imperative celebrations are Durga Puja and Navratra, when an uncommon Puja is sorted out in the Mandir. The Temple is improved with lovely blooms and light. 
Dhari Devi temple.
An indication of Goddess Kali, Dhari Devi is worshipped as the defender of the Char Dhams. At the point when the symbol of the diety was expelled from her sanctuary then following couple of hours an exceptionally extreme torrent occurred.
According to the enthusiasts, the place needed to confront the Goddess’ fury as she was moved from her ‘mool sthan’ (unique home) clear a path for a 330 MW hydel extend.
That venture lies in remains after the surge. A comparative endeavor in 1882 by a neighborhood lord had brought about an avalanche that had leveled Kedarnath. 
Dhari Devi Mandir

The Belief in Dhari Devi Temple

* It is the conviction of individuals of Uttarakhand that ‘Dhari Devi’ has been shielding Uttarakhand from antiquated times; she is securing all spots of journey in the zone. 
* According to nearby legend, symbol of Dharidevi changes her appearance amid the day from a young lady, to a lady, and after that to an old woman as the advance of time. 
* It is trusted that the symbol of Dhari Devi should not be put under rooftop. For a similar reason, the symbols in Dhari Devi Temple are put under open sky. 
* According to a nearby legend, the sanctuary was once washed off by surges, while coasting the icon struck against a stone, the villagers heard the cries of the symbol. On achieving the site they heard a celestial voice teaching them the introduce the icon as it seemed to be, on the spot it was found. 
* according to the head minister, One night he was stirred by somebody and he saw Mother kali remaining close to his bed, eyes red with outrage. She requested that the minister quit relinquishing the creatures in her name, else she would devastate his family.
The minister woke up next morning in high fever and trembling with dread and declared “No more Balis” in the sanctuary. Local people were maddened as no one trusted his fantasy ! Yet, seeing the resolved minister, himself’s identity getting a charge out of the bali meat, they chose that the give up won’t be done at the sanctuary yet at Bhairon Gufa, 1 Km ahead the stream. So this Kali Temple turned into the main yield free sanctuary of Devi in Uttranchal. 

The Concept of Energy Formation 

Dharidevi is an extraordinary other Shakti (Energy) temple, it is among the 108 Shakti Peetha specified in the Devi Bhagavat. 
The lower half of the statue of Kali is situated in Kalimath Temple. These joint sanctuaries are adjusted precisely at NE-SW course symbolizing Kali as laying down with her feet in NE bearing and head in the SE course. 

Dharidevi Energy stream 

This causes the vitality to stream in the NE course, which in jyotisa, is the heading of Jupiter (Ishana Shiva), the paramesthi master.
The upper part of the devi with the head symbolizes the quieting of Kali by Shiva, the Guru. The lower a portion of Kali is not as a symbol and rather, is worshiped as the Sri Yantra.
In this way we discover that the Sri Yantra, as built up by Adi Shankara at Kalimath, is the yoni of Shakti (Energy) from which all creation continues. 

Connection to Kedarnath Jyotirlingam 

There is some interesting association between these watchman goddess and the Kedarnath jyotirlinga. 
The Kedarnath jyotirlinga is precisely North from Kalimath symbolizing the spouse wife of Shiva-Shakti relationship.
In this, Kedarnath being toward the North (Mercury heading for ahimsa) is always quieting the devi who is in the south (Mars bearing, outrage, disturbed and at war). 

Kedarnath surge

On June fifteenth 2013, the god of Dhari Devi was expelled from her antiquated sanctuary to be moved to another area to encourage the development of the dam (a 330 megawatt hydro electric venture which remains in remnants). 

Dharidevi inspire 

The oath, submitted to the Supreme Court, says that it is the solid religious conviction of an extensive segment of Hindus that not only the superstructure but rather the very shake on which the sanctuary stands is the place Adi Shankaracharya revered and the stone has huge religious centrality and neither the stone nor the sanctuary ought to be exasperates.
“To this end, the venture defender’s (AHPCL) plant to lift the sanctuary up on sections and safeguard it under the direction of INTACH can’t in any way, shape or form be an answer for this vital issue.” 
Local people were restricting as far back as the origination of the venture with the conviction the moving of the Dhari Devi would by one means or another disturb Kali. Unexpectedly, it appears they were appropriate in their conviction as any development would prompt to change in the point of the Dhari Devi and Kalimath arrangement, other than cautioning the separation.
Precisely on the following day a monstrous downpour and glimmer surge began in Uttarkhand. 
With the moving of Dhara Devi, the fomented Kali has been woken up, and she looks for the evil presence Raktabija (seed of blood).
According to mythology, Raktabija took different bodies and she kept on obliterating every one. 
According to adherents, Uttarakhand needed to confront the Goddess’ wrath as she was moved from her ‘mool sthan’ (unique homestead).
A comparative endeavor in 1882 by a neighborhood lord had brought about an avalanche that had straightened Kedarnath. 

Breaks showed up on Dhari Devi icon’s stage after inspire:-  

A part of the hallowed place to which the symbol of Dhari Devi was moved created breaks subsequent to building up the icon.
This additionally offered ascend to discusses whether the splits have been framed because of the fury of the goddess since she is accepted to have thwarted rehashed.
The river level always started to increase in July and reached its peak in August – September. It used to take months to reach its highest level, which indeed was never as high as it was this time.
The month of June was always considered the safest and best period to travel in the Himalayas. Something inexplicable certainly went wrong.

How to reach Dhari Devi Temple ?

From road, one has to trek down half a kilometre to reach the temple. However a small road is being constructed to assist parking near the temple itself.
Devi’s Darshan is not considered complete without Bhairo Dev darshan, which is on the way. Puja Thali is available at shops near the Mandir entrance on the main road. 
The temple is 15 kms. from Srinagar, 124 kms. from Rishikesh, 19 kms. Short of Rudraprayag, 44 kms. from Pauri & 165 kms. from Dehradun. 
Direct Trains are available from Delhi to Haridwar and Dehradun from where cabs can be hired or buses can be boarded to reach Dhari Devi. From Srinagar garhwal, jeeps are also available for Dhari Devi, which are very reasonable. Nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun


  1. Where is Dhari devi temple situated ?

    There is no dearth of mystical and ancient temples in India. One such temple is located at a distance of about 14 km from Srinagar in Uttarakhand.

  2. Which goddess is worshiped in Dhari Devi temple ?

    Goddess Kali

  3. How to reach Dhari devi Temple Uttrakhand ?

    It is around 15 km from Srinagar, Uttarakhand, 20 km from Rudraprayag and 360 km from Delhi. One can reach here easily by bus or taxi from Srinagar and Rudraprayag. Nearest railway station is at Rishikesh railway station (119 kms) and airport at Jolly Grant airport (136 kms).

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